A woman who honored the late Tejano singer Selena at a Dallas, Texas concert venue received a lot of backlash for her cover and started a debate about cultural appropriation.

Suzanna Choffel posted a video of her singing a stripped down version of Selena’s “Fotos y Recuerdos,” a cover of The Pretenders song, “Back on the Chain Gang,” for her performance on Thursday for ‘Selena Day’ at The Rustic in San Antonio, Texas the Caller-Times previously reported.

“Yes I know I’m a white girl. But hey I grew up in Texas w Selena is queen & I used to write down what I heard her sing phonetically in order to sing it back. She basically taught me Spanish or motivated me to learn it. And my goodness that voice – t is nobody like her!” Choffel wrote on Facebook.

One Facebook user mentioned that Selena also had to learn Spanish and it didn’t matter if you were Latino or not, everyone can enjoy Selena’s music.

“It does not matter what race u are to love latino culture.we have great [food] and great music… Selena did not know Spanish in the beginning so if she can learn anyone can. Selena was a person many different races enjoy because she just has a good vibe and is fun to be around,” one Facebook user wrote.

“If you go to YouTube you can watch so many people, a lot who don’t speak any Spanish, singing Selena songs. T’s nothing wrong with that.”