The friends who aren’t #TeamBieber are Selena’s pals in the industry who, the source says, have witnessed him bring out the worst in her.

“They think he’s a bad influence on her and she becomes really dependent on him,” the source tells ET. “She’s so generous and loyal and puts 100% of herself into everything, including her relationships, which isn’t always the healthiest.”

“[Justin] does care what her friends and family think and has tried to win them over, but some of them are just over it,” the source adds.

“They’re t for Selena and support her no matter what, but don’t feel like they need to welcome back Justin. If you notice, Selena keeps her friends and Justin separate – when she’s with Justin, it’s just Justin, and when she’s with her old friends, it’s just them. They don’t really overlap anymore.”

ET previously reported that Gomez’s friends and family, particularly her mother, Mandy Teefey, struggled with the couple’s reunion back in January.

Gomez has been trying her best to “Keep the peace” between Bieber and her friend circle.

The only place Gomez’s friends really overlap with Bieber is church.

“They do have some friends in common from church, and they hang out in a group with that crew. That’s been a really positive thing for them,” the source reveals.

“She’s not going to abandon herself or her friends for Justin, that’s a big difference this time around. She’s making a point not to put him ahead of everything and everyone else. Spending quality time with her close friends is important to her.”