Before writing a meta description it is useful to check the first SERP of your target audience to get an idea of the main results of your descriptions. Conclusion: use keywords in the> tag, but only to help search engines analyze the meaning of your site and help your users. Instead, I will explain how I can use HTML tags to better interact with search engines and get higher scores. If the use of keywords in your headings is important, then it is your header tag as a whole that will look much better in search engines. Detailed analysis of the first eight HTML elements for better communication with search engines for better SERP rankings. Of course, if a page is blocked by spiders, the spider will not be able to access and ignore meta tags. Of course, t is no golden rule for writing HTML tags, no “trick” to ensure high ratings – important is a collection of SEO best practices. By carefully optimizing your tags, you can communicate directly with browsers and search engines, and this is something that should be proactive. Do not use quotes in the description table without using HTML entities “"” to include the word you want to quote. Of course, you should not use the words “image” or “image” – go straight to the point and explain exactly and in detail what is on the page. But be careful: if the two pages linked by the canonical tag are too different in content, the search engine will simply ignore the tag. Comprehensive video marketing guide, which presents everything you need to know to succeed in the world’s second most popular search engine, YouTube. A passion for SEO writing HTML elements as an important character in the rating and as part of any “perfectly” optimized page.