Most companies understand the value of organic research and while some rely only on popular best practices, others spend a lot of time experimenting to find unusual activities that make a big profit for their business. If your website has a high CTR, it is a sign for Google prioritises search. When a user clicks on the links on your site, “he” sees a search engine that trusts “his” brand. A competitive advantage that allows your company to offer organic search users more or better than your competitors. Google prioritises search results based on user experience; the search engine does not recognize brands as such. The brand inspires trust, and this affects the results of SEO, because users are more likely to click on your website if they know your business. Experiments are becoming an important tool to help marketers cope with the constant evolution of Google and the changes that affect the organic visibility of their business and their acquisition efforts. Doing things differently in online commerce means two things: experimenting and constantly implementing undervalued SEO tactics. Always consider these underestimated tactics as an opportunity, pay close attention to them and try them out until you find the best option for your business. Based on internal links, Google can create a hierarchy and offer the highest value for links to the most relevant sites.