Opposing NBA teams would be overjoyed if Robinson, a rookie of 24 out of the U.S. Naval Academy, spent all his time polishing the Pathétique, for he has needed precious little of it to establish himself as one of the league’s dominant forces, someone to challenge the New York Knicks’ Patrick Ewing and the Houston Rockets’ Akeem Olajuwon, both of whom are 27, for pivotman supremacy in the ’90s. “T’s no ‘gonna be’ about it.” said Orlando Magic center-forward Mark Acres after Robinson went for 32 points and 10 rebounds in a 111-102 Spur loss at Orlando on Jan. 8.

Said New Jersey rookie guard Mookie Blaylock after Robinson scored 26 points in a 109-92 victory over the Nets on Dec. 9, “If he’s still learning the game, I’d hate to see him when he knows it cold.” Veteran Caldwell Jones, Robinson’s teammate and defensive mentor, puts it this way: “He has the talent all us big guys only hope and dream for.” In other words, as Beethoven might say, the kid can flat-out play.

No, David Delirium is not as big as Michael Mania was during Jordan’s rookie season of 1984-85, but Robinson is certainly the most talked-about player in the league right now.

“Clearly Robinson is what makes the Spurs special, even sexy. T is no buzz in arenas around the league when Cummings or Cheeks emerges from the Spur locker room, as t is when the 7’1”, 235-pound Robinson appears.

In two games against Ewing and one against Olajuwon, Robinson has held his own.

In the most recent Spurs-Knicks game, on Jan. 17 in San Antonio, Ewing outshone Robinson statistically, finishing with 27 points.

He stepped in front of an entry pass intended for Ewing, stole the ball and started a fast break, which resulted in two Anderson free throws and a 94-90 lead. Finally, with 19 seconds to go and San Antonio in front 97-92, Robinson rejected a Ewing shot off a drive to seal the victory.

Robinson bowls 190 without much practice, shoots in the low 80s in golf, has taken taekwondo classes and plays mean games of tennis and.