Sean Kingston has responded to the controversy with a couple video clips, asking in one, “Do it look like I got jumped?” Peep what he has to say below.

Sean Kingston was involved in an altercation in Las Vegas on Tuesday, with TMZ reporting that some on scene have identified the members of Migos as the assailants.

As reported, the Migos members proceeded to beat up Kingston, kicking and stomping his head. Law enforcement tells the celebrity site someone with Kingston pulled out a firearm releasing one shot that did not hit anyone.

Neither Migos nor Kingston were at the scene when police arrived.

When Kingston was questioned at a traffic stop a short time later, he was “Semi-cooperative” without naming any names.

Video below shows Kingston greeting the Migos earlier in the day.

Below that is footage of Kingston being handcuffed by police following the altercation.

While police are looking to speak to the Migos, they are not presently “Wanted” by the cops.

Below, The Game, who has his own history of beef with Kingston, weighs in on the report, calling the singer a number of names in a since-deleted Instagram post.