As fans know all too well the show is not without its dark moments, from shattered families to tested friendships to inevitable character deaths.

Those moments are hard for the fans, to be sure, but they’re even harder for the characters who live through them, so sometimes those characters need to go back and face their fears all over again.

SPOILERS for Stranger Things ahead. If the great loss of Season 1 was the death of instant fan-favorite Barb, Season 2’s great loss was Bob, the well-intentioned boyfriend of Joyce Byers who enters the series as a somewhat annoying father figure and leaves it as a hero, having saved numerous lives while sacrificing his own.

Another great loss: Mews, Dustin’s family cat whose only crime was being forced to live in the same house as a growing Demodog.

Mews and Bob both ended up meals for the Demogorgons, which was hard to watch but even harder to experience.

Because if Stranger Things is about anything, it’s about the power of friendship.

Check out the video, and remember: “Bob Newby, Superhero.”