I’ve interviewed Scott more than I’ve interviewed any other artist.

It pains me no end to say that this quote was from the last time we spoke, just a couple of months ago.

Scott, as usual, was sweet and unguarded in discussing the power of music on mental health.

The first time we met was around a decade ago, with Scott immediately disarming the nerves of a young student journo/superfan with his openness, solid gold banter, brutal self-deprecation and his own fanboying over The National, something we had in common.

He was just a bloody good man with time for everyone.

To his fans and anyone who spent time with him, he was never a ‘rockstar’.

I’ve met so many with either stories about how a certain F’Rabbit record meant absolutely everything during their darkest times, or how one of Scott’s songs talked them away from the edge.

“Obviously the songs are quite personal, but there has to be a way in. So once a person talks to me and says that they not only found a way in, but lived within a song or album for a really long time, that’s fantastic to hear. It’s amazing how personal people are willing to be with how open they are to me. Because I guess my voice has been coupled with a lot of their worst times and it’s helped. So I think it’s often seen as a friend in those times.”