Since rolling onto the Hollywood scene just over a decade ago in Flags of our Fathers, Scott Eastwood has been a very busy man.

So no matter how hectic the production schedule gets, Eastwood always makes sure to plan regular trips to the great outdoors, from skydiving to spear fishing, and more recently bow hunting.

These practices are built on an appreciation for wilderness that started with trips into the woods of Northern California with his father.

Then I moved to be with my father, and he was very much into fishing when I was younger.

Some of my first memories of him are around fishing for trout in Northern California.

I am most excited to go on some bow hunting trips with Cameron Hanes.

It’s very challenging because of how close you have to get.

I’ll call Chris Morgan right now and tell him my idea for the next movie.

Opening scene, Little Nobody runs down the open road in a California Spyder.