Scott Eastwood recently stopped by the HuffPost Live studio on Tuesday to talk about his role in summer blockbuster “Suicide Squad.”.

Eastwood grew up in Hawaii with his mother, but he moved to California to live with his father during high school.

Though Eastwood said his dad never pressured him to join the biz, he quickly caught the acting bug.

“Telling stories, that’s what I like about film,” said Eastwood.

“Will Smith is a constant movie star,” said Eastwood on filming with the all-star “Suicide Squad” cast.

Eastwood has a tough role in the film, playing the good guy surrounded by a cast of fan-favorite villains.

“I wasn’t really familiar with it before I got into the film, but it was interesting to see the Joker having a girlfriend and this crazy, sort of love-hate relationship.”

“It’s funny because I had met Jared Leto as Jared Leto before, and then I didn’t get to meet Jared Leto again until after the film was over, because he was the Joker the whole time,” said Eastwood, adding that he thought it was “Really cute” when Leto sent his movie-girlfriend Margot Robbie a live pet rat.

Eastwood is currently wrapping up filming for the eighth “Fast & Furious” film, a “Meaningful” part for the actor, who was “Very close” to the late Paul Walker.