Former “Charles in Charge” star Scott Baio responded Saturday to allegations that he molested his former co-star Nicole Eggert when she was a minor.

Baio’s wife filmed the counterattack-launched after Eggert put out a series of tweets Saturday.

He played an audio recording of an interview Eggert gave to, in which she described losing her virginity to Baio “Way after” “Charles in Charge” was done.

Erin Moran’s brother Tony trashes Scott Baio on social media.

Eggert accused Baio in 2012 of sexually abusing her as a minor.

Baio slammed Eggert for making the claims on social media, rather than filing a complaint with police.

Baio also insisted he would not have had unsupervised access to Eggert while filming “Charles In Charge.”