Harry Potter actress Scarlett Byrne continues to stun as she posed for another snap from the sizzling shoot, this time as she sported just a jumper with nothing on her bottom half.

The gorgeous black and white photo shows Scarlett on a balcony looking over her shoulder, with what appears to be a silk sheet covering her mid-section.

Scarlett’s shoot has caused such stirs due to the fact she’s set to appear in the March/April issues of the magazine, which apparently will return to full nudity after almost exactly a year without it.

His 89-year-old father also took to Twitter to say: Sending love and congratulations to my son Cooper and his fiancee Scarlett on their engagement!’.

According to Us Weekly, Cooper flew with Scarlett to her native London so he could ask for her father’s permission before popping the question on Tuesday.

Scarlett first shot to fame in her role in the Harry Potter series, but she later went on to appear in The Vampire Diaries and Falling Skies.

In the creature feature – a sequel to the monster crocodile franchise Lake Placid – Scarlett engaged in many a cheeky scene involving tottering around the lake in a skimpy bikini and loosing her clothes altogether for a sex scene in a car.