Honestly, if we start over, I’ll say that I’ve been very kind to myself, that I’ve taken a break from everything and everything, and that I like to take care of myself and have time for that – that’s how I stay healthy. Brow, honestly – t was no BOOK, we’ve been so underrepresented for so many years, so this current climbing period in the Midlands seems like some kind of chemical reaction, like magic shit, but we were t and we were working. I think Lowpass and I have enough content to play two more albums, and I keep writing more and more, but as for the song, I think I’ll keep letting that happen. Anything in the water in Lester? Looks like it still deserves recognition, but “little town”, as it used to be called, has been struggling with its weight for some time now. For me it’s a question of variety more than of music, because for me it’s a question of words, I like words, and I like to use them differently, depending on how I feel; it reminds me a bit of the kitchen that I like too. I’ve just graduated from drama school, I’m writing plays, and I’m also working on a script with my brother. I don’t remember how it happened. Lowpass was a mutual friend, and I heard his music, but at the time I was quite focused on BLG. I was watching an old Rinse FM session w I was a stick animal, and the video and material I had released over the years had a strong influence from hip-hop, British rap and R&B, among others. The moving EP is an explanation, and what we are about to release, I hope, is a novel in itself. I have a lot of feelings, maybe too many, it helps me understand that I am creating a Suttin from a sincere and connected place. I’m not in the water, it just helped me this time. Yeah, dude, so I think another thing that has kept me in touch with my art belly over the past few years is that we both feel incredibly comfortable admitting that we’re both growing at the same time.

I’M Sane Speaks