The “Smokey and the Bandit” costars, who in that 1977 blockbuster had one of the best sex scenes ever without showing any actual sex, just a cowboy hat that was worth a thousand words, started dating in the late ’70s and broke up after about five years together.

In April 1979, when they’d been together three years, Reynolds talked to People about why they hadn’t yet moved in together.

The actor, who’d been married for a couple of years in the ’60s, said at the time that he planned to get married but didn’t know when.

“The kids and I have a great relationship, but we haven’t had enough time together. Am I supposed to tell Sally to drop them off and screech away?” He also noted that the boys were more important to her than he was, “Which is the way it should be.”

Reynolds went on to marry Loni Anderson in 1988, and that union ended in 1993 with an epic divorce that still makes headlines from time to time.

The new Vanity Fair interview, which coincides with the upcoming release of Reynolds’ new memoir, is hardly the first time Reynolds has expressed regret over his relationship with Field.

The topic has come up again and again over the years, although a story from earlier this year about them finally walking down the aisle together was complete bunk.

“We just got together at the wrong time.”

When the host noted that each had proposed to the other during their years together, Reynolds said, “I asked her at the wrong time, she asked me at the wrong time. I missed out on that one, that’s for sure.”