Sage: The thing is I’m a little older than B. and t was a time when when I started making spoken words and poetic slam, hip hop wasn’t even accepted at the time. Wise: Yes, with reason, because I have the part of me that doesn’t necessarily fit into Sage Francis albums, and that’s the reason, and I think Non Prophets was more absurd than Epic Beard Men. Wise: Also about the fact that being in Rhode Island affects our sound; as if New York had to have some sound and I have the impression that Boston has always felt like New York’s little brother. Epic Beard Men as a whole, when you look at the EP and the album, I think t are more difficult moments than anything outside of the Francis saga, because we are dealing with topical issues. Personally, I was like when the whole East Coast bounced off the West Coast, I was very busy with East Coast stuff and I was stuck in boom-bap shit for a while, but then I opened up to you, the freestyle stock market and a lot of other interesting things that happened on the West Coast. B: In an area so populated that t are few circles of people and everyone comes together, and that’s exactly what Rhode Island has to offer and it’s unique in that respect. Wise: I mean, I try, but I was overloaded with all the original “You Can’t Tell Me Shit” texts. So if you want to come see us in the prime of life and like Epic Beard Men and see a show that really goes beyond what you expect from a hip-hop show, come out and if you feel like I’m lying in the end, come on tell me to my face. We never called ourselves Epic Beard Men until we did this song and2bad’ isn’t stupid but it’s as if the feeling and style were loose and fun and the name Epic Beard Men made sense. Sage: Yeah, I can’t imagine doing a full UK tour until I turned 60 and learned to play acoustic guitar. Actually, I wanted to ask a question about Slam Poety, because it’s something you have a lot in common as people who didn’t meet before you did your thing. We talk about the origins of Rhode Island and leave behind the spoken word, the creative process of Epic Beard Men, the new album This Was supposed to be Fun and the EBM remedy shin pad house. Wise: Good I’m going to support Rhode Island, we’re a microcosm of the whole country. For example,Hedges’ is a song with a sense of humor, but t is something very dark and serious in the society below. He kidnapped me and took me on tour to be his merchant and showed me the tour of clandestine clubs and places w he played all over the world and that t was public and appetite for the strange things we did from outside, and that I had previously decided not to have a place in the world of music.

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