Drakeo, whose real name was Darrell Caldwell thought he would have gone home by now, but prosecutors are taking the rapper back to court for conspiracy that his “gang” had organized Gregory’s murder. “I am not a gang member and my friends are not gang members. “He added that he and his friends were “in the wrong place at the wrong time. “The prosecutor in this case, Philip Stirling, told the Guardian that Caldwell was “morally responsible” for Gregory’s death. Rapper Drakeo the Ruler was arrested and charged with murder, attempted murder, criminal conspiracy among street gangs, shooting from a vehicle and possession of a firearm. The rapper insists that Stinc’s team is not a gang, but a small ox between Caldwell and the victim, who took his lyrical content under the microscope. In July, he was found not guilty of murder and attempted murder, but the jury was hanged for shooting in a vehicle and charging him with conspiracy. He was acquitted of murder, but prosecutors are suing the rapper until they get a conviction. “When will it end? When will it stop? When will they leave me alone,” Caldwell said in a recent telephone interview with the prison Guardian. Prosecutors dismantle Caldwell’s words and use them against him, saying they are roadmaps for true criminal behavior. The “gang” they refer to is Caldwell’s Stinc rap team. He may have been recently acquitted of murder, but that doesn’t mean that Sovereign Drakeo hasn’t yet proved his freedom. It’s about taking away my career. “And he added: “The fact that I’m starting to rap is that I can rap and talk about these things and not do them. “How are you going to tell me what I want to say,” says Caldwell. However, the rapper was found guilty of possessing weapons. And what would you rather do if he rapped over things I didn’t really do or didn’t do? It’s not real. In December 2016, 24-year-old Davion Gregory was shot dead at a party in Carson Camp, California.

Caldwell Ruler Faces Life