Ruff Ryders to The Rescue have organized a tour in Houston called Ryde4Lyfe, which will honor his memory. They are also partnering with the Philonis and Kita Floyd Institute, founded by George Floyd’s brother, to memorialize George Floyd’s life. Come and support a tremendous humanitarian cause! We urge everyone to contact their members of Congress to get a vote for the George Floyd Police Justice Act in Congress. Ruff Ryders 2 The Rescue is partnering with the Philones Institute for Social Change and Kita Floyd for an event that will make a difference. In addition, the event hopes to bring attention to the George Floyd Police Justice Act, which is currently pending in Congress. We want to see this law passed to end police brutality in our culture and hold law enforcement accountable. The ride will take place Saturday, May 22, at 8:00 a.m. local time in Houston, starting at 5225 Calhoun Road and ending at 3650 Alabama Street. Our ride is a tribute to George Floyd and the late DMX. If you are in Houston and can make the tour, it will begin Saturday, May 22, at 8:00 a.m. local time at McGregor Park and end at Jack Yates High School. Not only is his record company releasing a posthumous album later this month with numerous guests, Exodus, but his band, the Ruff Ryders, is heavily involved in the organization. Over the past decade, much of black culture has suffered from police brutality without justice. We’ve seen countless viral videos of sisters and brothers being beaten and shot by cops. For years, X was the voice of strength, hope, and courage on the streets of the black community. DMX’s unexpected death led to the creation of a series of projects in his memory. It was time to end that cycle. Proceeds from the sale of the t-shirt will go to our campaign against police brutality.

Ruff Ryders March