Last October, the singer confirmed that he and former Marilyn Manson and current guitarist Rob Zombie John 5 worked on a series of new songs, and that the album release was inevitable. No other specific details of the album were found, but now fans can hear the unprecedented acoustic track Diamond Dave and John 5, which made their “discovery” as a member of the solo group Roth, which he joined in 1998. David Lee Roth released a new song, “Somew Over the Rainbow Bar and Grill,” which he wrote with John 5 and dedicated the title his to his late bandmate Eddie Van Halen. “Somew Over the Rainbow Bar and Grill” is an acoustic influenced song that also pays tribute to the legendary Los Angeles rocker, the Rainbow Bar and Grill. See You on the Other Side” is how the lyrics were placed on an illustration screen that takes up the visual space of the YouTube video player. Read the lyrics of the song below and listen to the song below on the page. Numerous comrades remembered the legend and paid tribute to the guitarist as a revolutionary. “Hey, Ed, I’m going to miss you. Eddie Van Halen died October 6, 2020 at the age of 65 after a long cancer fight in Ludwire, Townsquare Media, Inc.

Roth Dedicates New