When WBTV spoke with Marine Jarrod Haschert the video had been seen more than 2 million times.

TMZ Sports posted a video Tuesday morning with Rousey, saying ‘yes’ to his invitation.

She said she wasn’t only impressed with Haschert’s video, but she believes he’s cute, also.

“I saw some screenshots of it before, but I was like ‘oh well, I am in camp, so I can’t go anyways’ but then the fight got moved, so I actually can go,” Rousey said in the video.

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Rousey joked, in the video, that Haschert must locate dates for her three pals.

Haschert’s mother, Caroline, is beyond happy about the video from Ronda.

“I’ve been seeing her fights since I was in high school and every fight is more exciting than the last. As I said in the video she is definitely my ‘celebrity puppy love’ and I simply kept thinking, it is worth a try.”

Haschert says he wasn’t originally going to do the video, but his roommate and best friend convinced him that anything could occur.