Holm didn’t back down during a brief skirmish between the sides on the eve of UFC 193, when Rousey charged her, then objected to Holm gently laying a fist alongside her face.

Holm slapped Rousey’s hand away as things escalated – and never took her eyes off the champion’s the whole time.

Rousey, not surprisingly, claims Holm will pay for her sudden turn from sweet to snarly.

The main event will top a five-bout, pay-per-view card that will go live at 10 p.m. ET. Preceding Rousey and Holm settle their differences, ’s how the rest of the card shakes out.

Well, seeing how she’s never lost as a pro, presumably all Rousey needs to reach 13-0 is what she’s always done.

Holm has scored multiple stoppages with leg kicks, and that’s likely the most powerful weapon she’ll have against a charging Rousey.

The reality is that the competition Holm has faced isn’t in the same stratosp as Rousey, and yet she’s only managed decisions in her last couple fights. will have live coverage of Rousey vs. Holm on Saturday, Nov. 14.