Karim Zidan compares and contrasts the years that are exceptional that Serena Williams and Ronda Rousey took part in, to determine who actually deserved the 2015 ESPY award for Best Female Athlete.

From insinuations of drug consumption to unabashed maltreatment over her athletic figure, Williams continues to be forced to handle severe criticism for well over a decade of dominance.

Before delving into Williams’ storied career and how fans came to see her reign atop the women’s tour, I wish to contemplate the award winning Rousey, who has enjoyed a meteoric rise to superstardom.

“Serena Williams is not only the most dominant player on the women’s tour, she’s potentially the most dominant player in all of tennis, rivaled only by the”Maestro’ Roger Federer.

Williams’ Serena Slam contains successive Grand Slam title triumphs in the 2014 United States Open up until her Wimbledon 2015 title.

Late last year the head of the Russian Tennis Federation referred to Serena and Venus as “The Williams brothers.” And just lately, David Frum, a former aide to George W. Bush, suggested in a series of deleted tweets that Williams’ victory was the result of PED use.

Even J.K. Rowling, the celebrated writer of the Harry Potter set, felt the need to defend Williams on twitter following her Wimbledon title win last Saturday.

As among the great female athletes of her generation, if not the best, Williams needs to be placed on a pedestal and admired, as we do with the equally great Federer.

With all due respect to Rousey, who’s a fantastic champion in her own right as well as a fantastic athlete and representative for women’s sports, she remains steadfastly behind Williams as the greatest female athlete of 2015.