The animated feature “Rock Dog” arrives one week after the release of another prominent Chinese-American co-production, the fantasy adventure “The Great Wall.” Director Ash Brannon brings Pixar and Sony bona fides to this adaptation of rocker Zheng Jun’s graphic novel “Tibetan Rock Dog,” which mixes Tibetan culture with contemporary Brit-rock and adds a splash of mob movies for kicks.

When we’re used to animated features with high joke-density, both visual and written, “Rock Dog” is a serious downshift in energy and content.

Bodi discovers rock music on a radio dropped from a biplane and is soon obsessed with the tunes of Angus Scattergood.

Through sheer fannish persistence, he connects with super-cool, super-isolated rocker Angus, a lean, white, Wayfarered cat, a sort of Gallagher brother, by way of Russell Brand and Blur.

“Rock Dog” is a perfectly fine and inoffensive afternoon at the movie theater, with a few great tunes, classics and original.

Noodle-limbed feline rocker Angus Scattergood is an inspired creation.