HBO has unveiled a new trailer for The Wizard of Lies, which stars Robert De Niro as Bernie Madoff, the now-imprisoned financier who perpetrated a $50 billion Ponzi scheme that’s recognized as the largest financial fraud in U.S. history.

The Barry Levinson-directed film addresses Madoff’s deceptions surrounding his crime and the profound effect it had on his victims and family.

The trailer doesn’t hold back on displaying the callous side of its subject: Madoff is seen bilking an investor for more money and vehemently reprimanding his eight-year-old granddaughter for innocently asking about how things are going on Wall Street.

When it comes to his dealings with other family, he’s continually unsympathetic.

Wife Ruth Madoff tells her husband she’s tired of being hated.

“Why does the world hate me? They all think I’m some kind of a mastermind.” “Take it as a compliment, Ruth,” Bernie responds.

The clip also shows Madoff pleading guilty in court, while his victims recount how his unconscionable actions ruined their lives.

In December 2008, Madoff was arrested for securities fraud.

He pleaded guilty to 11 federal felonies and was sentenced to 150 years in prison.