50 Cent’s rap rivalry with Rick Ross is clearly one of those.

50’s shot at Ross comes just days after Ross was admitted to hospital with suspected pneumonia after he was found unresponsive at his home early on Thursday morning.

A police report obtained by The Blast found that whoever called emergency services reported that Ross was ‘slobbing out the mouth’ and that he had also ‘boo-bood himself’.

Of course, 50 loved reading details like that, and posted a news article about the incident on his Instagram feed with the most telling of captions: ‘No comment’.

He later deleted the post after more info about Ross’ condition emerged.

50 and Ross have been beefing with one another for almost a decade in one of the most bitter feuds in the rap world.

In 2009, 50 even posted a sex tape of Lavonia Leviston, the mother of Ross’ daughter, commentating the tape as his alter-ego Pimpin’ Curly.