Rick Ross is looking to celebrate his hard work finally paying off.

As reported, the album that helped launch his career, Port of Miami, has finally been certified platinum.

While it took him a decade to get t, he still got t and the rapper couldn’t be happier.

His record has garnered over a million copies sold, and the rapper was presented with the official plaque to prove it earlier this week.

In celebration of his debut album’s 10th anniversary, Ross is prepping for the concert of his career in Miami, taking place at – naturally – the actual Port of Miami in Florida’s Biscanye Bay at the end of this month on August 29.

“You know, five years before Port of Miami, I was to a point w I may have even felt like quitting,” he shared in a recent interview.

“I just had to stay focused and I started doing other things. I started writing for other people and being in other studio sessions with other artists. That’s what got me that opportunity to get in the studio with a young Kanye while he was making beats for another artistwe had a lot of time to just sit in the studio and talk about different things.”

Needless to say, all these years later, it’s a safe bet Ross is happy he never gave up.

Congrats to the Boss on going platinum for the first time!