“Missing Richard Simmons” is the podcast darling of the moment.

Just in case you haven’t heard about the podcast, ’s a quick recap: Richard Simmons, an American icon of fitness, stepped out of public life three years ago without a word of explanation.

I wanted to tell the story of Richard, but in a way the story had also involved me, as my friendship with him had become part of the story.

I started reaching out to the people in Slimmons, not just the people who took the class but also the people who had relationships and friendships with Richard through the class.

It became a thing I’m proud to have done, because it’s a way to show Richard how much they care about him.

Many people I spoke to were alone and isolated and no one had helped them, but Richard reached out to these people.

The fact that we went in eyes wide open to try and find Richard and tell his story along the way and that people were behind my point of view, it was a huge gift.