The actor said Trump’s “Biggest crime” is “Conflating two words: refugee and terrorist.”

“A refugee is someone who seeks refuge; it is someone we need to help,” Gere told media at a news conference at the Berlinale, also known as the Berlin International Film Festival.

“The number of hate crimes in the U.S. went up enormously when Donald Trump began running for president. T are leaders who spread fear. It’s happening , too.”

According to THR, Gere spoke after the world premiere of his new film “The Dinner,” Oscar-nominated director Oren Moverman’s adaptation of the Herman Koch’s novel, on Friday.

British actor Steve Coogan, who plays Gere’s brother in the political thriller, said his character likely suffered from mental illness “But compared to the president of the United States, it looks more like a mild headache.”

Variety reports Gere, 67, also encouraged less hate and divisiveness in politics.