In “his” latest work, “he” constantly collaborates with the brilliant Slim Pinky Fingers alias Lucian Dunlop – another presenter who turns the local Oxford scene upside down, both inside and out. The exceptional title “Eranu” – with guest bars by Meticulous Perfection – is at its best – all the instrumental pieces are blurred, the bars are soft and the exploration existential. He is a tireless master of the art of balancing two different worlds – enlightened yet childlike, gentle yet skilful, profane yet profound. With that characteristic relaxed sound, permeated by the rucksack rhythms of the East Coast, the G.M.W.I.M. doesn’t run like a river, but rolls like a ten-mile Rizzla. The Madlib vibrations are still clear, and if they are, it’s because they were chosen for G.M.W.I. Pieces of M. like “Thrones” could have appeared in a bomb-drop zone, and you wouldn’t have blinked. With G.M.W.I.M. and Ambidextrous’s help, “he” took that balance to another level. The G.M.W.I. is now in Gold at Mixer. The duo is a solid team that dances to rhythms ranging from ridiculous to sublime. And just like “their” last show, G.M.W.I., G.M.M.I. is full of interludes and dark and angry references to pop culture. G.M.W.I. drops references to pop culture as often as an episode of Spaced.

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