[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbFaVITg5v4[/embedyt] It’s May, which means it’s time to prepare for your annual studio recital! Yes, the preparations for each group’s performances are different, but are the eight steps each dancer must take. It’s finally showtime, and your moment in the spotlight is everything, because you understand all the work it takes to get t! You are almost sad to hear the songs from your last recital Your old kindergarten teacher, your second grade cousin who’s been fired twice, the Starbucks barista: Basically, everyone you’ve had exchanges with gets an invitation to your concert. And if it takes about 50 times to “redial” the number, so be it. If the quick change of clothes were an Olympic sport, you would surely win the gold medal. Every arm, every head and every accent must be. What do we like better than a video about ballet? A video about ballet that has been well done – like Michelle Khare’s YouTuber chronicle of her 6 weeks in the world of professional ballet. Although it can accommodate three lovely old ladies, the boiling promotional video of the 40th anniversary of the Hong Kong Ballet proves that it is not your grandmother’s ballet company.