“I Love” is the long-awaited success of London artist and producer The Real JimboJimbo. Jimbo says, “I Love” is a fresh, optimistic and lively track that expresses my feelings and desires. After several years working with other artists, Jimbo thought it was time to work on his music. He founded a new label called “Turbo Icon Records” and in one year Jimbo wrote, produced and sang over 30 songs. A true Jimbo is a talented artist, producer and entrepreneur, born in Brixton. Jimbo honed his musical talents in the prestigious British school with the same teachers as Amy Winehouse and Adele. The combination of R&B, Afrobeat and Hip Hop elements finds competent production and a killer voice. The time has come to live the dream and passion of life. He started as a DJ when he was 11 years old and produced his first song when he was 13. If you continue to use this site, you agree with that.

Jimbo Real Jimbo