During hours of conversation, Kweli and Kass discuss topics ranging from police brutality and the emergence of a nationalist passion for modern American society, to how the NWA has influenced the perceptions of West Coast hip-hop artists, to Kass’ approach to writing children’s rhymes in which he was strongly influenced by the only Illmatic “NY State of mind,” which he calls the “perfect” rap album, released in 1994 by Nas. If you had just changed the structure of these two bars, they would have become sicker. “But he has a lot of praise for “NY State Of Mind” even though he comes from the opposite coast and says: “I remember hearing it for the first time – completely impressed. “He also said that t was only one line that he thought he would fix, but he changed his mind. The youngest guest on the Uproxx People’s Party With Talib Kweli podcast is Ras Kass, a Los Angeles underground rap legend who is best known for his 1996 debut album Priority Records Soul On Ice and for his time as a member of underground rap superband The HRSMN. “If I wasn’t the student, if I didn’t learn and appreciate it, I don’t deserve to be t,” he says, describing his philosophy of respect for the art of rap. In another part of the interview, Kass talks about the tension between blacks and the police and how it affected “their” education with a police father, and then breaks “their” favorite modern MC. Kass argues that shooting with a machine gun probably wouldn’t generate enough impact force for the human body to literally turn back, but ultimately decides that it looks cooler that way. “I always do it with myself. He recites the fragment and then explains his argument. I heard you shouldn’t have said that.

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