“It Chance expressed his gratitude for the film, and Gibbard responded that he would like to perform “Do You Remember live someday. Chance released the single “Groceries” before The Big Day, but the song is not on the album’s 22-song list. While fans shared his enthusiasm and confusion, Gibbard told the story of the events that led to this collaboration. Chance The Rapper released his first album The Big Day on Friday shortly after noon. Gibbard explained that the two musicians have a “mutual admiration” for each other. As very little information about the album appeared before the start, many were surprised to hear some unexpected elements. Other unexpected features of The Big Day are Randy Newman, Shawn Mendes and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. Fans have been waiting for the new album ever since he started giving vague clues about the new music through social media. Impressive familiarity with some deep cuts from the Death Cab catalog, briefly mentioning the possibility of collaboration. Many spoke of the nostalgia they felt when they heard Gibbard’s distinctive voice.

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