[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXX4tmv7e-c[/embedyt] In a recent interview with Forbes magazine, Chance The Rapper described Michael Jackson, the pioneer of late pop music, as his “role model” in philanthropy, while referring to WE Day’s recent Youth Empowerment Event in which he participated and rappers’ commitment to giving back to their communities. He also highlighted the differences between the modern generation of children who learn social issues much more easily on the Internet than older generations who may not have had access to the same information, and how “this” reduces “their” access to different target groups when it comes to addressing children’s social issues. I always thought about it, because most of the people I grew up with and heard about were hip hop artists, and I really don’t remember t being many of them. You gave people back, but it was a different way. Your own luck has made the headlines in the newspapers to inform fans about local politics, mainly because of the amount of “your” donations and the visibility of events and programs like “your” SocialWorks Open Mikes or the purchase of the Chicagoist website. If he is right to say that rappers are not forced to return, it would certainly be good if “their” efforts for future generations did what Michael Jackson did for him. I think he has given more than $600 million to charities and more The only person I can really think of when I think of charity as a musician is Michael Jackson. The greatest musician of all time.the most philanthropic musician is Michael Joseph Jackson. When asked who he wanted to talk to when he was a teenager at this school, his answers were very simple: Kanye West and Drake. At the event, Chance spoke with 16,000 students from 475 California schools at the Los Angeles Forum. And while many hip-hop artists have dedicated themselves to philanthropic efforts, these efforts often go unnoticed. It was always through “their” music. I can’t imagine anyone else.