American rapper A$AP Rocky was released in Sweden after a month in prison for assault. American rapper A$AP Rocky was released from prison in Sweden after being arrested for aggression and assault for a month. The A$AP Rocky rapper was released from prison in Sweden and returned to the US this morning after a months-long saga that attracted the attention of music fans, celebrities and President Trump. If you don’t know, then A$AP Rocky, whose real name is Rakim Myers, a rapper and a model from New York. A$AP Rocky, along with two other men, is charged with assault and litigation this week. Limbong: The judge, after hearing the closing statements on Friday, said that Rocky and the other defendants are free to leave the country. At Instagram, Rocky made a statement, thanked people for their support and said I couldn’t start by describing how grateful I am for all of you. The Swedish police called Rocky and his associates to question them and then take them to prison. Here A$AP Rocky told the court it was self-defense. Another video recorded part of the fight with Rocky and seemed to have thrown one of the men to the ground. On an unusual train, President Trump sent his “special envoy” to observe the hostage-taking. Rocky is trying to calm the situation. It is unusual that President Trump sent a hostage to intervene.

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