Rangasthalam movie review: Ram Charan is back with the much awaited rustic entertainer Rangasthalam helmed by Sukumar.

Starring Samantha Akkineni as the leading lady, the film had garnered huge buzz ahead of the release for more than one reasons.

The village is represented by a corrupt leader Phanindra Bhupati who has been the leader for Rangasthalam for the past 30 years.

Director Sukumar has created the perfect 80’s setting but in the midst, he lost his focus on the main plot.

Sukumar does full justice to create the perfect 80’s setting.

The first half showcases some nice chemistry between Charan and Samantha, the songs are hummable and of course, the settings add an extra spark to them.

In spite of setting up the first half brilliantly, the director does not live up to the curiosity and anxiousness in the second half.

Some typical sentimental scenes kill the spice of the second half and the film ends up looking dragged.

The songs surely add some extra value to the film but a dragged second half with unnecessary sentimental scenes is a downer.