Richie Furay has an impressive resume: He co-founded Buffalo Springfield, Poco and the Souther, Hillman, Furay Band.

All of them went on to enjoy much bigger careers than Furay.

The Springfield’s final album, “Last Time Around,” was cobbled together after a lot of hard work by Furay and Messina, the band’s new bassist and producer.

Furay graced Poco’s albums with some of its best material, but success continued to elude him.

Furay agreed: “Of all the albums, I thought that was the one. … I thought that Poco would finally receive commercial success.”

When success didn’t happen, Furay hung around for one more Poco album, then threw in his lot with ex-Byrd Chris Hillman and Souther, an up-and-coming West Coast tunesmith who had co-written songs with the Eagles, including the No. 1 “The Best of My Love”.

The Souther, Hillman, Furay Band was a collection of talent assembled by mogul David Geffen for his Asylum Records label.

Furay continues to periodically perform with the band, as do Messina and Schmit.