“Lead By Example” is the title track from “his” new album, due out August 27 on New Dawn Records and the second single after last month’s “Stay True” featuring Reks, Ruste Juxx and Blacastan. Notorious Brooklyn shooters Skyzoo and Juxx Diamondz take turns unleashing a barrage of relentless rhymes that throw a bag of jewels at unsuspecting people. For “his” debut behind the decks, the beatmaker assembled a stellar lineup of guest artists – hip-hop heavyweights from the US, UK and Canada – and “his” latest work marks another milestone. The beat is crafted by masters of their craft with precise technique in the verses, and UK artist DJ Jazz T provides the magic of the scratch. Ramson Badbonez ft. “Fly like butterfly and spit heavy beats.” By continuing to use this site, you consent to its use. High-end cut for connoisseurs.