Freeman confirmed that it may be difficult to trace an alleged incident that occurred nearly 20 years ago, and that Kelly is already charged with federal detention offenses in Illinois and New York, as well as Cook County, Illinois. The charges were announced at a press conference Monday afternoon by Mike Freeman, an attorney for Hennepin County, a region that includes Minneapolis. Freeman said the indictment related to an alleged incident that occurred in Minneapolis on July 11, 2001, following an appearance by Kelly. Kelly, charged with two counts in Minnesota, announced the attorney for Hennepin County, Minnesota. On Monday afternoon, the singer was accused of hiring a minor for prostitution in an incident dating back to 2001. Kelly was charged Monday in Minnesota with two criminal offenses related to her involvement in prostitution with a minor. The two charges include prostitution with a person under the age of 18 but at least 16 years of age and hiring, offering, or agreeing to hire a person of that age group for sexual penetration or sexual interference. Kelly has not pleaded guilty in all criminal cases and continues to assert his innocence in charges dating back a quarter of a century. At that time, Kelly offered the girl $200 to dance naked for “him,” the county said. According to prosecutors, Kelly also removed her clothes, and both had sexual contact. Kelly arrived in June 2019 at the Chicago courthouse. On Monday, in Hennepin County, Minnesota.

Kelly R Kelly Charged