Queen Elizabeth’s entire staff has been called to an emergency meeting in Buckingham Palace sparking panicked rumours about the Queen’s health.

THE internet has gone into meltdown amid speculation something has happened to Queen Elizabeth II’s husband Prince Philip, despite no confirmation from Buckingham Palace.

The Queen summoned her entire royal staff from across the UK to a “Highly unusual” meeting at Buckingham Palace in the early hours of Thursday, London time.

The only official confirmation from the Royal Family has been that a meeting has been called but that has not stopped wild speculation about the health of both the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen herself.

Long-time Royals commentator and correspondent for London’s Evening Standard Robert Jobson said emergency Buckingham Palace meetings were not unusual and this specific meeting was, “No cause for alarm”.

My understanding re so called Buckingham Palace “Emergency meeting” is t is no cause for alarm.

“In a 2015 article detailing the procedure that would follow the death of Prince Philip, the Daily Beastreported:”If Philip were to die in the night, the news would not be announced by Buckingham Palace until after 8am.

None of the detail listed an emergency meeting of all royal staff being called at Buckingham Palace.

The UK media has swarmed to Buckingham Palace, with speculation swirling as to what the meeting is about.