Among other things, what happened during and around President Trump’s reelection in Minneapolis on Thursday night, his team performed the music of a local hero: Prince Purple Rain. “Shortly afterwards, the late Minnesota musical hero showed how unhappy he was, and a year ago he shared a letter from the trump card legal department, in which the campaign clearly promised not to use the Prince’s music. 15, 2018, and written by the law firm Jones Day on behalf of the presidential re-election campaign, the trump card team explicitly states that “in the future” the campaign will not use the prince’s music at trump card rallies and other campaign events after the requested succession. The Prince’s possession condemns the use of Trump Purple Rain during the protests. According to Prince’s President Trump promised not to use his campaign during the rally with a musical icon. President Trump played tonight “Prince Purple Rain” at an election event in Minneapolis, although a year ago he confirmed that the campaign will not use the Prince’s music. The Prince’s successor was not satisfied with President Trumb on Thursday night. The Prince’s state will never allow President Trump to use the Prince’s songs. Although they pay for song rights, candidates in the United States of America are generally free to use music, regardless of any inconsistency between the policies of artists and those of campaigners. As Melinda Newman Forbes said in July 2016, “The sad truth is that for many artists, although they disagree with the politician who uses them, they cannot prevent their music from being used in this context. “The only restriction is political advertising. The soundtrack of politicians – or co-optation, on the one hand, of famous songs, on the other hand, is a mystery familiar to artists. Candidates want family success, especially those who return the spirit so that the crowd can move. October Date

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