In 2015, Malone’s introduction to the hip-hop world came via “White Iverson,” a song he claims was made in his Los Angeles bedroom during a time when he couldn’t afford to buy a pack of cigarettes.

According to Malone’s retinue, the Dallas, Texas native grossed over $1 million in touring revenue last year.

In the midst of the rapid rise of “White Iverson,” Malone was tapped by Justin Bieber to join him as the opening act on the pop star’s Purpose tour during the first and second quarter of 2016.

While on the European leg of his tour, Malone responded, via email, to a number of inquiries regarding his rapid rise into commercial strata.

Malone: Basically going back to the first question, I just released the song on SoundCloud not sure if people would like it.

Malone: In March, we are heading to New Zealand and Australia to join Diplo on his tour.