As you may have seen from the photo of Post Malone and a dreaded Justin Bieber that made the rounds last week, the Purpose tour got off to a weird start, and things only seem to be getting weirder.

Yesterday, TMZ reported that Justin Bieber had mischievously ashed a cigarette on Post Malone while he was performing his hit, “White Iverson,” at a Houston club.

As far as we could tell from the clip, Malone seemed unbotd by the move, or perhaps he’s just a good showman and withheld the pain until after his performance- because a new photo tells a slightly different story.

The shot that surfaced today shows Post Malone seemingly holding Bieber by the throat at a similar-looking event, though it hasn’t been confirmed that the pic is actually from the same night.

Of course, it’s easy to take what could have been another playful move out of context, but then again, that’s what Twitter is for.

Neither Post or Bieber has given any explanation into the curious pose.

Check out the evidence, as well as one of Twitter’s more inventive jokes, below.

UPDATE: Post Malone has clarified that the two were just “Roughhousing” and he has nothing but love for the Biebs.

Don’t expect the memes to slow down anytime soon though.