The bouncer previously claimed that he was shot when he tried to stop Vinny Sheisty from shooting at other people after the rapper became angry about someone in the club trying to take lost bills from his pockets. Vinnie attorneys have filed a motion to release the rapper on bail with sworn testimony from bouncer Friwin Dore, who said he was given a strong painkiller after the incident and was still feeling its effects when he “talked” to the police. He says he doesn’t remember Shiesti pointing a gun at him, despite his earlier statement and a video of that night in which Shiesti shot someone. Trying to “calm him down,” the security guard claims that he was shot in the leg when the rapper spontaneously fired a bullet out of anger. Vinnie’s attorneys believe this should be enough for prosecutors to consider dropping the case, or at least allowing the rapper to get bail. Vinny Sheisty is an artist with Warner Music. Pooh Sheisty was arrested last week after turning himself in to police. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group. Dore, however, refuses to press charges or make any other statements.

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