In the midst of the celebration, producer Polo G berated Murda Beatz for claiming that he was working on “Rapstar.” “The Chicago rapper addressed the issue in his Instagram story. The Eve began after Murda Beatz shared a post on Instagram celebrating “Rapstar” being number one on the charts. Polo G is one of the hottest rappers right now, and the recent success of his single “Rapstar” is proof of that. Murda Beatz listened to Polo G’s comments and gave his own response. “I’m proud of this song we made a few years ago, and now it’s a worldwide hit,” “he said. “He always appreciates the songwriters, even when they’re being remade,” he said. “OK RAPSTAR, which is currently on YouTube, was produced exclusively by Einer and Cinco,” he wrote. number one on the Billboard singles chart for the second straight week. “It’s been a crazy week.” You can read Polo G and Murda Beatz’s posts above.

Murda Polo G