It’s not a ballad, it’s not a racket it’s classified as eccentric and catchy; and, like the whole album – a beautiful showcase for a beautiful modern soul voice. Ms. S. has followed a successful session career, has had some solo successes and has worked with Ty Juan as part of the SMOOTH BLEND duo. The best of the ballads on the LP is the old school “He’s Never Leaving Her” – a well known song in soul music. In fact, Mr. Juan is sitting at the producer’s desk inStay’ and we’re told that it took a lot of cunning to get young Shawndella back into the studio. Stay” is the latest album from Atlanta singer SHAWNDELLA. Babyface’ is also interesting – the story of a relationship that is ignited and sustained by Babyface’s music. As for the sound, Tracker 12er is discreet and very “American” and reminds me in some places of Toni Braxton’s work. Maybe you remember her album “Couples Therapy”: Session 1. It seems that she was looking for a break after her last solo project. Nobody Cares’ is the only time the tempo rises above the parapet although very quietly. The recording only takes a few moments and offers you more possibilities. But the piece that is currently attracting attention isThat Man’.