In their collection of the most popular Halloween songs, the official lists divided British streaming songs into 12 songs, which were a mix of rock, pop and alternatives. Here are the rock songs with the most played Halloween songs, after the official British chart company. And yes, we know that the song “Ghostbusters is not rock or metal, but it is very nice not to record it. It is a month when you drink horror movies and make endless lists of songs that fill your favorite Halloween bands and other usually scary songs. In fact, the Official Lyric Company is the equivalent of Billboard charter cards in the U.S. and regularly monitors albums and singles placement, singles downloads and the like. This is more than three times more than the cult “Thriller” of Michael Jackson, which provided 51 net sales. T is no better time for rock and metal fans than October. Check out the numbers below for some of your favorite rock musicians. In general, do not be disappointed if you do not see Rob Zombie, Cradle or Mud, or even losers below. 2020 Laudwire, Townsquare Media, Inc. Andrew H.

Played Halloween-Themed Rock