In the hotel room, near the end of the video, after a jump cut, Carti says, “Only nigga that can kill me right now is Ian Connor. You know why he kill me? ‘Cause that’s my brother.”

Connor worked closely with Carti, in a manager-type capacity earlier in Carti’s career; they appeared in interviews together, and in a three-way interview conducted in early 2016 with Carti, Bari, and Connor, Connor talks about Carti’s music in the first-person plural.

At one point Connor reminds Carti that Carti did in fact have sex while on tour in Japan, and that Roy Woods is supposed to be on his upcoming tape.

“Carti’s music gonna live through us-we his lyrics.”

Weren’t they close? “Yeah. It’s just niggas grow up, you know what I’m saying? Carti fans know what’s up. Niggas gotta grow up. Everything that we did is classic. Stay a classic. Just keep it like that. You feel me?”.

Carti picks the thread back up, unprompted.