The trouble started when Morgan, 51, tried to defend President Donald Trump’s policies, including his most recent, defunct immigration ban, and Australian comedian Jim Jefferies shouted him down and told him to “f-k off.” Rowling, 51, caught wind of the controversial episode and took to social media to voice her glee.

“Yes, watching Piers Morgan being told to f-k off on live TV is *exactly* as satisfying as I’d always imagined,” the Harry Potter author tweeted.

Her message quickly circulated the Internet, with plenty of fans and celebrities alike cheering her on for calling Morgan out.

In response, the British TV host angrily hit back at Rowling with his own retort.

At that, the writer took Morgan to task and didn’t let up with a quick response to each of his attempts to defend his words.

At another point, Morgan called out all of Hollywood for its collective stance against Trump.

“No bigger bullies right now than the shrieking, hysterical anti-Trump celebrity brigade,” he wrote.

Other celebrities like George Takei, Patton Oswald and Don Cheadle also weighed in.

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