Friday, huh? Want some new music? Well, we have this for you. After a short stay in Australia at the end of 2018, “she” moved to the UK, w “she” worked as a freelance translator and interpreter before joining the Music Crows. Music Crowns is a global platform for discovering new musicians, a hallmark of the world’s best subscribers, independent artists and newcomers. Previous Brooks’ albums Spend Some Time in My Head, Honey, Let’s Just Ride, and Heatwave have reached almost a million streams and have been included in more than 3,800 playlists around the world. With Brooks’ beautiful voice, floating synthesizers and the touch of animated drums, the soundscape of I don’t Know I Everna Go Home plunges the listener into a distant and familiar moment. Philip Brooks, 21, the dream pop artist, released “his” last single “I don’t Know If I Ever wantna Go Home”. I don’t know if I’ll ever want to go home” combines elements of modern introspection and introspective indie rock with a wave of synthesizers from the 80’s and carefully analyzes the collapse of a very euphoric relationship. After graduating from Waseda University in Tokyo with a degree in marketing and media, Nicole temporarily moved to Toronto, w “she” worked as a freelancer for the fashion brand Drake OVO in Japan.

Philip Brooks