It’s been about five years since we left Motörhead, and of course it was very hard not to have Lem With my generation both now and with Neil [Starr] as a singer – Neil couldn’t tell him the name of a Black Sabbath or Deep Purple album; I don’t know what he heard in his time – but he is influential. I try to think of the good times with Motörhead, what we did and all the fun we had – the ridiculousness of it all. We take things to an extreme, basically, all the time. So I’m glad I’m gone, and we thought it was time to release another Bastard Sons album this year. We Are the Bastards, a 2020 PCATBS release, is the band’s second album, which also features the rocker’s three children, and is the result of their new period of seclusion. It’s another weird element for the band, with all the different influences that show up on the scene – it makes it very interesting. We were in different days, in different rooms – socially remote and all that – it was quite safe and, thankfully, we came away with 13 new songs at the end. The final scene wasn’t a total disaster for us, because we made a great album. Especially in our rock and roll community, we want to hear live rock again, that’s what everybody wants. Motorhead icon Phil Campbell was the latest guest on Jackie Full Metal’s radio show this weekend. They came to see me play Motorhead, and it was all just music. They’ve all played different instruments since they were very young, maybe four or five years old, and they’ve all become great musicians over the years. I had ideas for the album for about twenty years, but I never thought I’d end up with all the great artists on the album. The live situation, of course, like everything else, is hellish right now, but we expect better, more happiness, I’m sure that’s how it is.

Phil Campbell Looks